The Transitional Wardrobe: Easing into Autumn fashion

It seems like we have officially reached our very last day of summer. In my opinion, September has always been a slightly strange month with a seasonal identity crisis. Schools have started again, our fun summer has ended, shops have swapped the sundresses for cozy jumpers everyone seems to be getting ready for autumn (some … More The Transitional Wardrobe: Easing into Autumn fashion


A holiday in the Netherlands wouldn’t be complete without paying a visit to its capital. Amsterdam is a very friendly and historic city known for its beautiful canals, bridges and characteristic ‘gingerbread’ houses. It is easily accessible from London by either plane (flying to Schiphol) or by Eurostar, which has a direct train line from … More Amsterdam

The Seacoast of Zeeland

Every conversation I’ve ever had in London, consisted of people asking me where I’m from. Londoners always seem to respond very excitedly when I tell them I’m from the Netherlands, but when I tell them I am not from Amsterdam, I mostly get slightly disappointed faces. For many foreigners, the Netherlands equals Amsterdam and vice … More The Seacoast of Zeeland