“Outdoor” drinks on rainy days

I don’t know what exactly happened to summer. It seems like summer needed a little holiday, and autumn is temporarily taking over until it’s back (if it ever comes back this year).

As I’m going on my trip soon, I have been obsessively checking the forecasts for Amsterdam, and for now it looks like I might not be able to go to the beach this summer! But I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

A few weeks ago my friend and I had a similar experience. We were determined to go to an outdoor food festival, but the weather decided to rain on our parade all day.

And thus we were forced to improvise!

Determined to keep that outdoorsy summer feeling alive, but stay indoors and dry, we were looking for a place that provided us with a rain safe alternative to a garden that served tasty cocktails.

Because what is a girls night out without cocktails?

The first option that crossed my mind would have been going back to Pergola, with it’s covered terrace and tropical atmosphere. But sadly it was fully booked.

Then I remembered one of my other favourite places in Marylebone, which I had visited before during the winter. This is 31 Below.

In case you’ve never heard of it. 31 Below is a cozy little cafe/restaurant and cocktail bar in the middle of Marylebone, a stones throw away from Baker Street.

As it’s almost entirely decorated with plants, it gives you the feeling of being in a garden, slightly reminiscent of The Ivy Garden in Chelsea, despite being safely indoors.

This makes it the perfect place for rainy summer days or nights out in August. When you can’t visit your favourite beer garden or other al fresco watering hole, due to the bad weather.

And in case you get hungry, I can really recommend their halloumi burgers! They are so tasty

The waiters were really friendly and helpful and they offered us tequila shots on the house in the end.

This was a really really good night out! And I can really recommend this place on the changeable days we are having this week.

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