How to dress when travelling

I have been asking myself this question for a long, long time! Usually I wore something that I didn’t really want to wear when I was actually on holiday.

However, I soon found out that usually there is a reason I don’t want to bring a certain outfit on holiday: either it’s uncomfortable, or it just looked ridiculous on the go.

I mean you wouldn’t want to wear this on a 4 hour train journey now, would you?

So, another tip I received once was: just wear your bulkiest outfit, because it’ll save you room in your suitcase. Although I did this once with a very thick dress and blazer, it being the bulkiest outfit, I of course felt way too hot throughout my journey!

Also the whole outfit was made of synthetic fabrics, which made me feel sweaty. So not a very good tip after all!

Ideally on a long journey, you’d wear your pyjamas. They’re comfortable and perfect for napping. But let’s face it, they’ll probably give you a couple of strange looks at the airport.

However, I found the perfect look that gives you the comfort of pyjamas – while still looking elegant and stylish – which I decided to share with you!

Start with black leggings and a fitted cotton black top.

The good thing about this outfit is that it’s comfortable, and the stretchy fabric hugs your body so you can actually have a nap in this outfit.

As a rule of thumb: if you can do yoga in it, it must be comfy enough to nap in!

However, at the same time, the black looks very elegant and you can feel very vampy like Cat Woman or Black Widow when walking down the airport!

It’s the perfect compromise between pyjamas and a stylish outfit!

Ok. I know what you’re thinking: black on black, despite elegant, isn’t that a bit… well.. plain and boring ?

Well yes it is! But I’m not done yet!

I put on a cotton cardigan in a contrasting colour!

Such as this peachy powder pink colour I’m wearing here. Make sure it is cotton or another natural fabric that breathes. Synthetic fabrics can leave you to feel sweaty (and even smelly), which isn’t a good feeling during a long journey next to another passenger!

So now you’re all dressed up like this, which definitely looks a lot better than the black on black top and leggings, but still very comfortable!

However, it still looks as if it’s missing something. Do you know what it is?


I always try not to wear too much jewellery. Especially not when going to an airport or the Eurostar, because both have metal detectors, that require you to remove all your jewellery beforehand. So to save myself the hassle removing and replacing my jewellery, I prefer to save them for my destination.

The best accessory to wear when travelling is a nice scarf or pashmina.

The good thing about these scarves is that you can also use them as a blanket when you’re having your nap on the plane or train. So that’s a great bonus!

When it comes to shoes I like going for comfort as well: a nice flat pair of loafers or comfy boots (depending on the weather).

Et voila! That’s your outfit complete!

For makeup I prefer to keep things to an absolute minimum. Instead of caking on thick layers of foundation that will clog my pores, I chose a BB cream.

Like foundation, it covers up flaws, but it keeps my skin moisturised while travelling. Even though I’m travelling with Eurostar, I can especially recommend wearing this on a plane, as the air on a plane can dry out your skin immensely!

Then just wear some mascara, eyebrow pencil and a tinted lip balm (I’ll be skipping my signature red lipstick for this post), and you’ll be good to go.

I’d also like to smell nice when I’m travelling. But I can recommend to wear a fragrance that’s light and not too penetrant. An eau de toilette is often lighter in fragrance than classic perfumes, that can often be too overwhelming. Especially when sitting in a confined space next to someone.

My personal favourite – and the one I’m spritzing on in the photo – is Ice Touch by Mexx. It is a very light floral eau de toilette, which can be worn every day.

It even comes in a handy body spray that’s good for refreshing on the go.

With your hair I’d either wear it down or in a practical bun.

My hair can be very unruly, and has a will of its own. So usually what I do with it really depends on its mood. Today I chose to wear it down, but carried a little scrunchy around my arm, just in case it started to go frizzy later today.

And of course it always does!

And when you’re all ready, it’s time to grab that suitcase and go!

Have a safe trip!

3 thoughts on “How to dress when travelling

  1. LOVE THIS! The pictures made me laugh since they look so fun!
    I normally wear leggings, a tshirt, and a baseball hat. I love how you added a cardigan to dress it up a bit, which made this comfy simple out into something really cute.


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