Highlights of the Summer 2019

It’s September and life is slowly coming back to normal. Everyone has gone back to school or work and also for me, it’s the end of my summer holiday. I arrived back in London on Monday evening and after a brief recovery period, I too have been back in the office.

Summer seems like a fading dream now. It’s still there, but it feels like something from a past life. While I am recovering from a cold and working on my bucket list for the autumn, I am feeling rather reminiscent of the last few months and thus I am reflecting on this summer and how great it has been!

At the same time it will give you the opportunity to catch up on all my latest posts, in case you have missed something (as I imagine you might have spent most of your summer days outdoors, like me).

Click on any of the images to read more.

This summer…

I hope you had a good summer yourself! How did you spend most of it ?

Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Highlights of the Summer 2019

  1. Summer went by way too fast, but I’m excited about autumn too! Love the idea of doing highlights for summer – you’re able to reminisce and move on at the same time.

    My summer was spent working and spending time with family!

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