The Transitional Wardrobe: Easing into Autumn fashion

It seems like we have officially reached our very last day of summer. In my opinion, September has always been a slightly strange month with a seasonal identity crisis. Schools have started again, our fun summer has ended, shops have swapped the sundresses for cozy jumpers and everyone seems to be getting ready for autumn (some pubs are even already taking bookings for Christmas parties!)

However, when you look outside, summer seems to be far from over. Temperatures have not dipped below 20 degrees in the past week and the sun still seems to be fully out!

Yet when the sun hides its face for a few seconds, or in the evenings it tends to get a bit nippy and you can definitely feel that summer is ending. So what exactly do you wear during this long Indian summer that does not seem to want to leave London?

And how do you transition your wardrobe from all the rain forecasted for next week? Being born and raised in our unsteady North Sea climate, I must say I have very much become a bit of an expert in dressing for seasonal shifts and temperatures, and so I decided to share with you my transitional wardrobe.

This season however, fashion seems to make transitions really easy for you. As the colours this autumn seem to be mainly off whites and camels. The off white trend, provides a perfect opportunity to recycle those white sun dresses that seemed to be a really hot item last summer. Especially since today it is going to be as hot as 26 degrees!

When it gets a little nippy in the evening, you can wrap yourself up in a beautiful and cozy camel blanket shawl. I bought this one at Primark for a fiver and it’s already been my favourite this month!

You can easily fold the shawl and pop it in your handbag et voila, you are ready for a lovely Indian summer picnic!

I have been carrying the shawl in my bag 24/7 just in case, as you never know whether you might need it in September.

For the slightly chillier days, I recommend layering it up even more. Recycle your white paper bag trousers from the summer with a caramel off the shoulder top, such as this one (I’ve had this top for ages, so I’m afraid I can’t provide you with a link, but it’s from the French brand Promod).

This also looks amazing with the shawl, or you can layer up this look easily by combining it with a cardigan or blazer, like I did in Amsterdam.

Blazers (particularly the oversized kind) really seem to be a thing this autumn, so make sure you add one to your transitional wardrobe!

Or if you really want to step up your oversized blazer game here, an absolutely hot item this autumn is the pant suit!

Perfect for channeling your inner businesswoman during after work drinks!

Also, I will be starting a new job in a few weeks time, so this would definitely make an impression! This suit is also from Primark. Only the trousers are available online, but the blazer is £20 in the shop.

What is your favourite outfit so far? Let me know in the comments!

PS: I am not affiliated with any of these brands and mentioning them on my blog is my personal choice, I do not earn anything for doing so

2 thoughts on “The Transitional Wardrobe: Easing into Autumn fashion

  1. I like your blazer and trousers. It looks v versatile and the perfect transition from work to socializing afterwards. The cream color is just right. A blouse of any color would also match with the blazer. Looks very chic.

    Liked by 1 person

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