Magical Saturday Night in Dalston

If you have been keeping up to date with my instagram posts, you would probably have found out that I enrolled back into university and thus am starting a new life again as a student. Although it will be a part time study, I never expected to ever go back to university after my masters degree. I guess with careers being more competitive nowadays – especially for those holding psychology degrees – we will have to keep on developing ourselves and learn new skills constantly. Last Saturday Night, however, I decided to study a subject completely different from psychology: the fine art of Potion Making!

As a very much belated birthday celebration, my friend Holli and I decided to take a rather unique cocktail workshop. The Cauldron in Dalston – East London –  is a cocktail bar inspired by fantasy literature and movies such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and all other things witchcraft. With Halloween only being a month away, it looked like a great experience for this time of the year. 

Upon arrival, you receive a magic wand and a token in exchange for your booking confirmation. Then you are being directed to your table, where you will be fitted into your wizard robes.

The wand is a very important item, as you will need it throughout the whole of the experience! Apart from swish and flick, they can also be used to switch on the crystal ball on your table. This ball has absolutely no further function, apart from just being a really fun toy to play with!

When at your table you can choose a welcome drink from one of the four magical fountains attached to the wall. Names and ingredients are written down on the menu. We chose the Dalston Werewolf. Once you made your choice, you walk over to the wall and can tap your own drink using the wand.

Easy peasy! But don’t be fooled, as it gets a little more complicated. The art of potion making isn’t for the weak hearted.

Then when you have received your magical welcome drink, you can start brewing your own potions! You select 2 cocktails from the menu, and this is where it begins. First of all, instead of a cocktail you receive a crate with small vials, jars, cocktail glasses and a page from an ancient spell-book with ingredients and instructions.

And so it’s time to start brewing your potion!

You will have to crush ingredients, drop and use a little magic wand power to make the potion stir itself!

I must admit when we were brewing our first cocktail, the Blood Boiling Curse, we did it completely wrong as we just looked at the ingredients an added them up together, meaning we missed a few steps such as requesting the Pocket Watch, which makes your drink all bubbly and smokey! Luckily we did not burn any eyebrows and we concocted something that looked like boiling blood in the end!

Would you be brave enough to drink this?

The second potion we brewed was a lot more interesting as the ingredients spat flames when adding magic powder to it!

We were learning really fast and I think that we passed our Potions exam with flying colours!

The potions were tasty too, but they were very strong. Therefore I guess they truly bewitched our minds and ensnared our senses.

If you wish to become a Potions Master yourself, you can book your Potion Making class via this website.

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