Pumpkin picking in Wimbledon

Let’s face it, apart from tennis in the summer, there isn’t all that much to do in Wimbledon. However, this autumn, the suburban South London area decided to come up with the tourist attraction of the season.

In the middle of Wimbledon Park, a pop up pumpkin picking patch was set up. It basically is an area where pumpkins were scattered around. At the same time activities were hosted for children and families over the half term. A bit cheesy, but a very fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, leading up to Halloween. Still being a child at heart, I thought it a very fun experience, so I texted my friend friend and we decided to pay a visit.

There was an enormous variety of pumpkins to choose from!

You could take one of the wheelbarrows and basically walk it around like a shopping trolley, loading it full of pumpkins as you shop.

But pumpkins are heavy and you could only carry one! So choosing the right pumpkin is a very thorough selection process.

It was hard to pick one that really fulfilled the criteria of the perfect Halloween lantern…

With all those options available, it feels really hard to just settle for a pumpkin that looks good. What if there’s a prettier one out there?

It’s basically a bit like dating in London

But I did eventually find the one!

Check out my previous blog post to see what I did with it.

Of course there were also a few photo spots where you can take pictures of your baby, your dog or your friend.

Because were you really there unless you bombarded your Instagram feed with photos of yourself lying in a field full of pumpkins?

After all that pumpkin picking, we felt a bit tired and muddy. So we decided to call it a day head to Putney Bridge for a lovely well deserved glass of wine by the river to soak up those last rays of sunshine.

It was a very relaxed way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in autumn.

What did you do this Halloween? Let me know in the comments !

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin picking in Wimbledon

    1. Thanks so much! I actually did think of you when I wrote this post. You did show me the photo of the pumpkins in the Colorado shopping centre, which looked really pretty! I really need to pay a visit to the States sometimes around Halloween and perhaps Thanksgiving :-)?


      1. I’m glad to know 😊🎃Yes, you should visit the States in the fall. So pretty here. I just came back from a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway and loved seeing all the fall leaf colors: yellow, orange, red and brown.


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