Cocktails by the fire

‘t is the season to get cosy! This week I officially picked up my winter coat from the dry cleaner and have been wearing it ever since. London is getting colder and thus we need to find a place to hibernate!

Luckily I found the perfect place!

Last Friday my friend and former work colleague and I decided it was time for another long overdue catch up. Especially after I had come out of lectures at my university all day, I was really in need for a drink and a chat.

As I came out of West Hampstead Station I stumbled upon this lovely cocktail bar named Bobby Fitzpatrick.

Visiting Bobby’s is a rather unique and quirky experience, as the bar’s interior is inspired by a 1970s style house, complete with living room and kitchen, and decorated with with plants and 1970s style television, as well as other props. Even the waiters are dressed in colourful 1970s style print shirts.

And the highlight of course is this little corner by the fireplace. The logs and flames in the fireplace might not be real, but the vibe certainly is. It looks a little as if we barged into someone’s living room.

Another great thing about Bobby’s is that it’s very much a hidden gem! Meaning that it’s relatively quiet and thus you can really have a proper catch up with your friend without screaming into each other’s ears all evening and losing your voice the next morning.

I might be getting old, but I prefer this over a nightclub any time!

Some cocktails I can recommend are the the Right Hand Cocktail (top) and Tommy’s Margarita (bottom). For more suggestions, see their menu.

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