About me

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere…

Journey in “Don’t Stop Believing” (1981)

I’m Marjolein. I’m a Dutch country girl who in 2016 decided to trade her safe, provincial hometown for the metropolitan city life of London.

This enormous change was a bit of a culture shock and so I know like no other how overwhelming life in a big city can be!

But after 3 years I managed to find my way around the city, have found many favourite restaurants, cocktail bars, brunch spots and other great experiences that have turned me from small town girl into a real London lady. But I’m still constantly learning and discovering new places!

Starting a blog about my life, my journey and experiences in this beautiful city was a bit scary at first and it still is.

But it is an honour to share with you my favourite spots, new restaurants, events, places to discover and general tips of things I’ve learned in the 3 years of living here (and the things I’m still learning today).