Heatwave in London

There’s a heatwave going on in London. This afternoon, as I’m looking at my weather app, it is 34 degrees Celsius. For almost the whole month of June, us Londoners have been moaning about it being too cold. And now – inevitably – we are moaning that it’s too hot. My flat has lovely West … More Heatwave in London

Garden Brunch

Sundays are for relaxing and forgetting that the next day you’ll have to get back to your office again. In London this means brunch! It’s usually a time you catch up with the girls to share last night’s gossip over a hair of the dog mimosa. However, brunch can also be a great way to … More Garden Brunch

Exploring wildflowers, cocktails and food in Chelsea

On Thursday I went to catch up with a friend and former work colleague I hadn’t seen in months. In fact, to our great shock, we discovered our last time spent together had been Christmas! How time has passed. It certainly isn’t Christmas anymore! We had one of the most beautiful Springs London has ever … More Exploring wildflowers, cocktails and food in Chelsea