The Seacoast of Zeeland

Every conversation I’ve ever had in London, consisted of people asking me where I’m from. Londoners always seem to respond very excitedly when I tell them I’m from the Netherlands, but when I tell them I am not from Amsterdam, I mostly get slightly disappointed faces. For many foreigners, the Netherlands equals Amsterdam and vice … More The Seacoast of Zeeland

I did a “14 Day Teatox”, and here’s what happened

In case you have been following my Instagram Stories, you may have noticed I started a 14 Day “Teatox”. However, after 3 days I stopped posting updates. First of all, they were just pictures and clips of me drinking tea, and I thought it was getting boring. Secondly I still wasn’t sure what to think … More I did a “14 Day Teatox”, and here’s what happened